Sunday, September 20, 2009

Breakfast in Woodside, Part UNO

Two of our favorite breakfast joints. In Woodside. Grab and go, or sit down and enjoy. Meet Mango's and Rico Pan.

The fare: delicious Colombian pastries.

The coffee deal: totally partial to the black coffee at Rico Pan.

The goodies: an assortment of breakfast pastries, a lot of them stuffed with cheese - but they are all good. For those interested in the lingo: pan con queso (bread stuffed with cheese), pan de queso (or rosquita - a ring shaped savory bread), almojábana montañera (savory, sweet, buttery and crumbly goodness, all at once), empanadas, arepas de choclo (sweet corn arepas), deditos de queso (cheese fingers) and that's just the begining.

El Oso's favorite part from either place: costumer service. Both joints are staffed by sweet, endearment term calling, Colombian ladies. And well, as I've learned over the years, he just melts when a woman offers him pastries and coffee.

Rico Pan
5813 Woodside Ave, Woodside, NY 11377
3961 61st St, Woodside, NY 11377

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  1. I have to say....if what you are looking for is some good-ol' fashion breakfast....or a more Irish one, I have 2 places to recommend. 1 is a whole in the wall, probably has been there since the begining of time, but....Anything you eat there will make you smile and the freshly sqeezed OJ makes it an even happier place. The name is POST cafe, and it's right off the 40th st stop of the No. 7 train. Corner of 40th street and Queens Bulevard. The other one is a bit further up and about 1 year old. It used to be Crete cafe and it's next to a funeral home. Ask for the Bannana walnut pancakes and REJOICE! Also...anything they suggest....delicious.
    I moved away from Queens some time ago and I have to say, it's the place I miss the most. Queens has a majic rarely seen in NY.