Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rooftop Farm in Queens!

I learned from a recent article in the New York Times that Brooklyn Grange will be operating on the rooftop of a building on Northern Boulevard and 36th Street. This is very exciting news for the Queens community. We are in desperate need for more trees, more parks, more green spaces and anything that will contribute to the advancement of this lovely borough towards friendlier ecological practices.

I hope this experiment pans out and inspires many other adventurous souls to utilize rooftop areas for green living!

For more info on the "greening" of the city, check out these links:
No Impact Man article on rooftop gardening, old but worth a read
Eagle Street Rooftop Farm - in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
NYC's Housing Authority Garden Program
NYC's Department of Parks & Recreation Green Thumb

more links to come...

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